tssHello lovely people out there!!!!!

We have many people in our life. Some are very special to us but there is always a VERY SPECIAL one with us. Even I have someone who is very very special to me…a friend of mine…

Someone who knows me inside out…

Someone who knows what i think

Someone who knows what i want

Someone who knows what i feel

Someone who knows each and every inch of mine

Someone who is far away from me but still understands me sooo well

Someone who understands my mood just by listening my HII!!

Someone who is always ready to listen my silly stupid talks

Someone who listens to my prolems….

Someone who makes me laugh…. 😀

He is a very very dear friend of mine ( may be more than a  friend…;)

Well I just want to say that You are really very special to me and I treasure you….

#dedicated to him


Takecare….. 🙂



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Hiii.....I am a student about to complete my graduation in dentistry.....i love to live my life to the fullest... :)

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